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Valentine’s Day is coming up, which inevitably brings up the topic of dates. And have I got just the date for you…a red date (or two)! 😂 Okay, okay, not quite the kind of date you were hoping for, but hear me out.

Red dates were another discovery from my dear friend, M, backed up by the plugs of various Chinese supermodels. They can be consumed in various forms: teas, soups, or just eaten by themselves. And they’re beneficial in many ways, as well: good for your overall health, glowing skin, and to treat…insomnia? The first time M recommended these to me was when I told her I wasn’t sleeping well. Well, the “doctor” prescribed 2 red dates in the morning (“No more than 2 because they’re powerful and can give you nose bleeds!”) and I’ve been hooked, ever since.

Then, my worlds collided. I asked M for her mom’s red date tea recipe (see below). It calls for goji berries. And just before I was about to purchase some of my own, my friend E’s mom (they’re Korean…wait for the relevance) gifted me a bag of goji berries for Christmas! Around the same time, I noticed what seemed like sliced red dates on top of my Korean shaved ice. So I guess Koreans are in on the secret, too!

So now we had red dates AND goji berries popping up everywhere! Turns out goji berries are considered a super fruit–high in antioxidants, good for your skin, and according to E, “for womanly issues.” 🤣 I had to look that one up a little bit, but a quick Google search suggests they’re good for boosting fertility. Anyhow, E’s mom suggested 12-20 goji berries in hot water, daily. Again, no more than 12-20, as they, too, pack quite a punch.

I hope you’re all surrounded by love and good vibes this Valentine’s Day! But if your face is feeling washed out, or if you’re feeling tired or want to feel more “womanly,” give this recipe a go!

M’s Mom’s Red Date & Goji Tea
(Serves 1 teapot)

Ingredients (all available at most Asian grocery stores, but also on Amazon!):


  1. “Wash” ingredients by flash steeping in hot water and strain the water out.
  2. Throw the ingredients into a teapot and refill with hot water.
  3. Drink throughout the day!